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Running a business, division or department is difficult and time consuming. Fortunately, you don't have to do it all yourself.

Our goal is to provide our clients with unique ideas and better solutions to help them run their businesses, communicate information and market themselves.

By combining our experience and expertise with our time investment in understanding your business needs, we provide a diverse range of technological solutions in the form of custom software development, website design or IT consulting.

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About Us

Who are we? We are people like you: we run businesses, we communicate with clients and we work together.

Our growth has been built upon our strong relationships with clients and our vested interest in their businesses growth. But alongside our passion for entrepreneurialism, we are geeks at heart. The fusion of our interest in business and technology allows us to meet our clients somewhere in the middle, bridging their own technological gaps.

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Our Company

The Edge

Neither Bleeding nor Competitive: Pause Productions is not built on clichés. We are a service-based company that strives to use our aggregated expertise and knowledge to provide technological solutions for our clients. Pause Productions has two separate divisions: Pause-iDev (web application development and website design) and Pause-IT (IT consulting and computer support).

Our philosophy is that, where possible, if an out-of-the-box solution covers all business requirements, we will help our clients integrate it. Pause-IT will install, integrate and manage hardware and software solutions based on your requirements. If an off the shelf software solution will not manage your requirements, Pause-iDev can step in and build a customized software solution. This can range from a website to an MRP.

Why "Productions"?

Pause was originally founded in 1996 as a film and television production services company. As the principals of the company have evolved, so has the direction of the company. So no, we don't do film production anymore, but we do have craft service. Does that count?

Our Services

Pause Productions' core strength is the service we provide to our clients. What prevails with our top clients is the fact that we become an integral part of running their companies.

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Our Team

There are three terms that can be used to describe every single person that works at Pause:

Passion, Commitment and Depth.

Every one of us is passionate about what we do and tirelessly tries to expand our skill set both in the office and out. All of us are committed to the goals of our company and the goals of our clients. Additionally, each person who works at Pause has many strengths and a broad range of life experience. It's a job requirement to be a well-rounded individual to gain employment at Pause so that we can translate that depth into providing better solutions to our clients.

Jackie Kwan

President, Pause-iDev

Jackie founded Pause Productions in 1996. Years of trying to escape her destiny of math and logic led her to pursue a career in something related to the liberal arts: film and television. But alas, she could not escape the call of the numbers and eventually moved into web design and then eventually explored software development. This was a logical progression because it blends her creative side, her business intuition and her logical side.

Jackie's vision prevails across the ongoing operation of the company and each and every project that is completed by the Pause-iDev team. She loves working with clients and helping them bring their visions to life.

Favourite Colour:   Purple
Favourite Activities:   Cuisine and watching good movies
Favourite Food:   Ice Cream
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Coke

Barry Finch

Vice-President, Pause-IT

With almost 15 years of experience, Barry's IT work ranges from PC repair, DSL installation to network and systems administration and IT management. Barry started working with many of Pause's clients and partners in 1999 and by 2002 Jackie and Barry decided to join forces and turn Pause into a full-service IT company. The skill set and service offerings were complementary so the merger made sense.

Barry's strengths include his technical experience, broad knowledge of many platforms and industries and his ability to tinker. He constantly thrives for the challenge "to make it work." Barry leads all Pause-IT projects, dealing directly with the clients to ensure that their technical needs are met.

Favourite Colour:   Black
Favourite Activities:   Reading comics and the news
Favourite Food:   Burgers
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Coffee

Travis Richardson

Senior Manager Development, Pause-iDev

Travis has worked as a sub-contractor for Pause since 2004 and came on-board fulltime in 2006. A self-starter, Travis one time said, "I will never work for anyone ever again." We changed his mind :-).

Travis has been writing code literally since he could reach the keyboard. Commodore 64 anyone? Travis loves to write code. He cannot stand repetitive tasks and he is impassioned by automation, implementation of great UI and industrial design. With a creative bent, he always comes up with great ideas. Melding his ingenuity with technical knowledge, there is almost no problem that he can't tackle. He guides all of our developers and shares taking the lead on Pause-iDev projects with Jackie.

Favourite Colour:   Black
Favourite Activities:   Watching great movies and reading
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Coke

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notitle, Pause-IT

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Favourite Colour:  
Favourite Activities:  
Favourite Food:  
Coke, Pepsi or Other:  

Shajinder Padda

Developer, Pause-iDev

Shajinder joined Pause shortly after completing his education at the Humber Institute of Technology. Even prior to his formal education, Shajinder had been working as a web designer, web developer and IT consultant with various clients in the commercial, private and political community.

Shajinder's diligence and drive to learn more about programming and technical developments has been a great asset to Pause. He loves technical challenges and works tirelessly for a solution.

Favourite Colour:   Navy Blue
Favourite Activities:   Basketball, MMA, Video Games
Favourite Food:   Pasta & Chips
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Recovering Coke Addict

Robin Bank

UI / Web Designer, Pause-iDev

Robin has a wide range of talents and has been working in digital media since 1996. Robin has a great deal of experience in graphic and web design along with motion graphics production. He has produced work for corporate clients all across North America in several different industries.

Robin can very quickly and succinctly come up with clean design ideas. He very patiently works with our clients to get the exact look that they are seeking. Not only does he design our graphics, but he meticulously sculpts our HTML and CSS by hand to make sure that it is done right.

Favourite Colour:   Yellow
Favourite Activities:   Sailing, Soccer, Guitar
Favourite Food:   Mexican
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Tea

Dominik Mazurek

Developer, Pause-iDev

A graduate from Sheridan College, Dominik has worked at various companies including Loblaws and the Region of Peel as a web developer and programmer.

Having worked with many programming languages, Dominik has settled into PHP and MySQL/PostgreSQL development while working at Pause. His positive attitude and quick learning ability has allowed him to dive into any client's project and understand their needs in short order.

Favourite Colour:   Blue
Favourite Activities:   Playing Soccer, Pool and Tennis
Favourite Food:   Pizza
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Recovering Coke Addict

Sean Sandy

Developer, Pause-iDev

After having lived in various parts of Canada and Europe, Sean completed his education at Trent University and then joined Pause as a web developer. Throughout his life, Sean has shown leadership in his academic life along with his extra-curricular life. His work is always methodical and detailed and his greatest strengths are that he loves to seek out answers and make things better.

Favourite Colour:   Green
Favourite Activities:   Playing soccer, trying out new libraries/languages, and general hacking about
Favourite Food:   Pizza
Coke, Pepsi or Other:   Jones

Pause iDev

Web Couture...
Pause-iDev designs and builds web-based software that manages very specific aspects of our clients' business.

Because we have worked with a whole host of clients and have built many applications, we have consolidated a good amount of our knowledge and expertise by building a basic programming framework called uCode. It's light-weight and removes a lot of the tedious repetitive work that goes into writing software from scratch. Additionally, it allows us to build software better by inherently incorporating methods to handle tasks such as validation and escaping to guard against security vulnerabilities that all websites are subject to. Finally, it is built and continually adapted with our clients' needs in mind.

So even before we begin to write even one line of code for your project, you typically get thousands of lines of code already written from our expansive uCode framework. This is a value-add that is provided to all of our clients and it speeds up our ability to finish your customized project in less time.

And the icing on the cake is that each of our Pause-iDev team members is dedicated to building well-designed UIs that focus on usability and clarity. We also enjoy the challenge of building things beyond the ordinary when our clients request it. So yes, we can very easily throw around terms like rich internet applications and Web 2.0.

Pause IT

Outsourcing... In-house style.
Most small businesses cannot afford to have someone on staff to manage all their technical needs nor do they really need it. Additionally, the cost to hire a single person with the skill set and expertise to manage all of their needs would be an expensive hire.

Pause-IT is also not a hardware vendor. We maintain a non-denominational view on equipment procurement and recommend the best tools for the job, not the best tools that we happen to sell. We aid in procurement with our clients' vendors of choice or provide suggestions from our partnered new and off-lease equipment vendors when the needs arise.

Additionally, Pause-IT readily supports mixed-platform networks. Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix or Novell, Pause-IT has experience with almost every imaginable OS flavour around. Again, the key is the best tools that suit our clients' needs.

Pause IT

More IT.

Pause Productions Inc.

Our offices are centrally located to service our on-site customers within the GTA.

#43 - 6535 Millcreek
Mississauga, ON
Canada L5N 2M2

Tel: 905.542.8110

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As we have been designing and developing great projects for our clients, we've invested some of our own time into some re-usable solutions that can be used for many of our clients.

All of our solutions are built upon our uCode Framework. At this point in time, we offer each of these solutions as hosted solutions.

If you are interested in more information on any of these solutions, enter your information into the form below to tell us a bit about yourself and what your needs are.

uCMS Content Management

Pause Productions was approached by a client to replace their current content management system for their website. Our team investigated many options, but at the time, everything we explored came up short in one area or another. Additionally, making customizations to many of the open-source solutions were cumbersome and not completely compatible with our existing uCode Framework.

  • uCMS Feature set:

uCMS Content Management


uCMS Content Management

Interested in seeing how uCMS works?

Send us your contact information and we will send you a username and password to the administration site:

*Preferred Contact Method

uFileNow Easy Online File Management


Interested in seeing how uFileNow works?

Send us your contact information and we will send you a username and password to the administration site:

*Preferred Contact Method

uFileNow Easy Online File Management


Email is an integral business tool. All of our clients rely on it to run almost every aspect of their businesses. It is so simple now a days to send documents back and forth via email.

But as electronic files get more complex and the sharing of documents becomes more complicated, emailing very large files becomes cumbersome, difficult or impossible.

  • With uFileNow you can:

uFileNow Easy Online File Management


uFileNow Features

Our Clients

It's all about relationships...

We are often asked how we grow our business. Without a doubt, our most reliable source for new business is our existing clients. Our clients are our most important commodity second only to our own staff that works with them. We are grateful for each and every one of them and once they have had a chance to work with us, they are enthusiastic to continually refer our services to other business partners, clients, suppliers and friends.

With many of our clients, they rely on us to help them run their businesses and because of that, we've grown strong relationships with each of them. Because of that strong level of trust, they often ask us for advice for all aspects of their business, and they trust us to be honest and provide suggestions or solutions for them.


Ready to take the challenge?

Do you think that you have the talent to contribute? Do you think that you have the same quirky personality as we do? Pause Productions is a steadily growing company with a very unique corporate culture. We're always looking for new talent and we're looking for people who share the same interests and goals that we have to round out our team.

Our company offers an environment to strengthen your skills with weekly opportunities for professional development and we recognize hard work with rewards where we can. Additionally, we offer a group benefits plan and every now and then, fresh baking.

Go to to see a list of our current postings. Please note, different postings have different application processes.

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